Communication makes the world go round

Through language we spread ideas. emotions. discoveries. revolutions.

I write and translate to make you a part of it.

About TransLABtion

My name is Almudena López and I started working as a translator in 2011. Together with my international colleagues, I help you reach a wider audience and expand your business abroad through a variety of language and communication services.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked in-house for 5 years at two international translation agencies. I learnt about project management, dealing with clients, accountability, working under pressure and, of course, translation. However, the agency environment requires excessive productivity, to the point of not being able to dedicate each project and client the time they deserve. To do an outstanding job, it is essential to get to know the client and their audience, grasp their style and have room for creativity. And that’s what TransLABtion stands for. I work with inspiring businesses who take their reputation seriously, have a sense of ethical purpose and strive for excellence in whatever they do.

I take care of projects into Spanish, but I work with trusted colleagues who are native speakers of other languages. Also, my colleagues and I only work in areas that we know well in order to produce text that is clear and accurate.

Quick facts

  • CEVA Guidance for the Rational Use of Antimicrobials, the 1st European consensus about the treatment of the most common infectious diseases in dogs and cats
  • The Superyacht Book, teNeuesVerlag, 2016
  • A Hole in my Tummy, Knappenforeningen, 2017

Languages & Industries

This is a small business, which means that only a range of languages and industries are covered, as you see below. However, it also means your projects are treated with utmost dedication and a personal touch.



If you are interested in any other languages or industries, feel free to get in touch to see if we can find a solution.

Working with Translabtion

Here you have a brief summary of what you get by working with me and my colleagues.