Expand to new markets and countries. Attract more customers. Seek business opportunities with partners abroad.

At TransLABtion, we help you do just that with:

Translation services for documents, websites, e-learning, etc.

Copywriting for your blog, e-mail campaigns and website.

Voice-over for your corporate videos and presentations.

And more.

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TransLABtion is not the typical language agency offering translation services for documents. It is a small business led by me where I take care of your projects into Spanish and rely on a select group of linguists for a few other languages.

Granted, we may not cover all languages or huge volumes in short periods of time like big language service providers do, but instead we work personally on your project. We dedicate the time it deserves, and you have direct and fast contact with the linguist, i.e. myself. This means you know exactly who is taking care of your project and can rest assured that their qualifications meet your needs for a high-quality result.

Feel free to take a look at our services and get in touch by filling out the below short form or sending an e-mail to alopez@translabtion.com. I will reply the same day. Thank you!

Why TransLABtion?


Experienced professionals

Since 2011, having successfully worked for hundreds of brands. The colleagues I work with also have over 10 years of experience.

Tailored service

You have my personal attention in order to determine exactly what you need.

Less hussle

I elaborate briefing material for your projects so you save time—you won’t need to answer so many queries later on.

Four eyes principle

At least two linguists will work on your project so the result is a perfect text that you can be proud of.

More clients and sales

Expose your brand to over 550 million Spanish speakers, 250 million Portuguese speakers and 130 million German speakers in the world.