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Cosmetics translation to entice consumers

The beauty industry is an industry of sensations, where evocation plays a major role. Describing scents and textures that make the reader imagine how the product feels on their skin, how it will benefit and improve their appearance, their soothing or energising effects… This requires a special ability with language, using suggestive wording in a way that takes the reader on an irresistible journey to wellbeing, but that is not all. Specialised knowledge is also a must in order to accurately explain the product’s mechanism of action, how it works on a physiological and biological level.

At TransLABtion, we can help you entice your clients as a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced partner who knows the ins and outs of your field.

What we can do for you


As a beauty consumer myself, I know what kind of content works. You need pieces of text that flows naturally and is attractive, with creativity and even a touch of poetic writing to spark the desire to try a given cosmetic product. My colleagues and I can help you with cosmetics translation and writing for several types of materials.

Cosmetics Translation & Language Services

Available in Spanish, English, German and Portuguese. Other languages may be available upon request.








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As you can see, we can help you...

An all-round service portfolio that has your communication needs fully covered.

Why TransLABtion

Here are the reasons why your beauty & cosmetics translation projects are in good hands with me:

Over 10 years of experience

Both in-house at international agencies and as a freelancer

Training in Transcreation (creative translation)

Con Trazo Firme, Spain

Training in Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (online)

Training in Copywriting

Copywriting de Otra Galaxia, Spain (online)

Personal experience as a beauty consumer

Due to my sensitive skin

I only work with colleagues who are specialised in your area so that you…

Save time

When a linguist knows what you are talking about, you save time because you don’t need to answer so many queries and the final result makes better sense.

Have peace of mind

At least two linguists will work on your project so nothing goes unnoticed. We always have a proofreading step according to ISO 17100 to ensure a spotless result.

Enhance your professional image

Communicate in a way that shows your expertise and sounds natural to your target audience.

How can I help?

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