Translation services? Sure, but not only.

TransLABtion is your all-round partner when it comes to language and communication

We offer much more than professional translation services. Sure, we can translate for you, but we can also create a branded content strategy for you, help you with ghost copywriting for your blog, do a voice-over for your corporate videos or offer consultation regarding cultural aspects of your target market. Check our comprehensive language services below.


Translate your documents, e-mails, guidelines, brochures, etc. from language A to language B with our translation services for businesses.


Translate your software, apps or website, adapting them to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market.


Translate text where creativity is key (marketing, launch campaigns, slogans). You want to ‘translate’ the audience’s reaction.


Write your website, a landing page, e-mails for your subscribers or ads for your product or service.


Insert subtitles into your corporate videos, e-learning modules, etc.


Add narration to your videos, commercials, etc. in different languages.


Consult any language and culture aspects regarding your target market before initiating a big project.

Branded Content

Generate transmedia content that forges a strong relationship with your audience through the values you share.

Feel free to check my voice-over demos below

Languages & Industries

This is a small business, which means that only a range of languages and industries are covered, as you see below. However, it also means your projects are treated with utmost dedication and a personal touch.

If you are interested in any other languages or industries, feel free to get in touch to see if we can find a solution.





Medicine & Healthcare

Clinical trials protocols, medical devices and their technical documentation, research articles, package inserts…

Marketing & Advertising

Press releases, advertising campaigns, corporate videos, product brochures, blog posts…


Websites, mobile apps, e-learning courses, online communication platforms, technical documentation…

Travel & Tourism

Travel packages, destination descriptions, hotel & spa brochures, travel guides…

Beauty & Cosmetics

Make-up product pages, hair product brochures, beauty routine guides…

Why TransLABtion?


Experienced professionals

Since 2011, having successfully worked for hundreds of brands. The colleagues I work with also have over 10 years of experience.

Tailored service

You have my personal attention in order to determine exactly what you need.

Less hussle

I elaborate briefing material for your projects so you save time—you won’t need to answer so many queries later on.

Four eyes principle

At least two linguists will work on your project so the result is a perfect text that you can be proud of.

More clients and sales

Expose your brand to over 550 million Spanish speakers, 250 million Portuguese speakers and 130 million German speakers in the world.

How can I help?

Contact me to ask about a service, get advice or receive a FREE quotation.